Speed Post Tracking for Indian Postal Service-A complete Understand how ?

A Complete Process for Tracking Speed post parcel sent through Indian Speed post

A great news for all the citizens of India that are using the Speed Post Service in the Indian Postal Service is
that now it really is achievable that Speed post tracking is achievable for parcel sent by way of Indian Speed post Online at
the India post Official Website (www.indiapost.gov.in)

As all of us know that whenever we book a parcel via speed post, we're offered an acknowledgement slip that
consists of the specifics (Like Bar code, Receiver`s Address as well as a Special Post write-up Number ) that facilitates
Speed post tracking for every parcel sent by way of speed post.Right here are several actions that readers must undergo in
order to Track their parcel send via Speed post:

Important Steps for Speed post Tracking of Indian Postal Service

In order to track your parcel you very first want to book the parcel at the your nearest post Officer inside your neighborhood
location.Following that you simply will probably be given an Acknowledgement slip that contains the particulars (Like Receiver`s Address,
Unique Post Write-up Number).

The Post post Number is a Alpha Numeric number that contains the 13 characters.The Format of post number
needs to be Like this ( Eg. AB000000000XY).

The Article Number is necessary to track your parcel sent by way of speed post and it must be preserved till the
parcel reached its location.

Right after that, you need to Log around the India Post Official Website at (www.indiapost.gov.in).On this web page, you must
click around the Tracking Hyperlink under the Speed Post Tab in the page header.You will be redirected to an external
web page that lets you track your parcel via Speed Post Tracking Online

Around the Speed post tracking page you are going to must Enter your Article Number and click on the Track Button. Right after
that a total parcel movement report will likely be presented to you that includes the present status of the
parcel.For the advantage of our readers we are posting an image that includes the movement report of a parcel
sent by way of speed post.

Click here speedposttrackingindia to get more information about speed post.

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